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Col. Jurica 76100
Querétaro, Querétaro


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    • We pay special attention to each of your assets, developing a strategy that can provide you with a maximization of the recovery of your investment at the end of the project.
    • We know and master particular procedures such as: assets under temporary importation.
    • The operation is carried out in Mexico as a local service, however the infrastructure we have is international.
    • Close relationship with suppliers in maneuvers, transportation and customs agencies in Mexico and other countries. Experts and connoisseurs in their field and who support the conclusion of the project according to standards required in international plants and government requirements.


    • Understanding of the business culture and the secondary market in Mexico and the rest of Latin America.
    • Knowledge and experience in administrative procedures and legal provisions.
    • Knowledge and understanding of the activities carried out by our clients allows us to offer comprehensive capital recovery solutions.
    • Strategic alliances open opportunities in markets located in other countries, as well as by sharing knowledge, technology and resources necessary to satisfy your needs and exceed your expectations.